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Hi, I’m Portia (She/her).

I sincerely believe in our human ability to grow amidst struggle, and it’s my role to guide you on this path.

In our work together, we’ll climb up and away from your problems to view them from a higher perspective.

You’ll develop the ability to see yourself in new ways that foster deeper understanding, compassion, and resilience.

Once you’ve developed this broader perspective, you’ll be equipped with mind-body tools that connect you with your most authentic self.

Soon, you’ll find yourself developing more meaningful connections with others and growing in alignment with your values and goals.

Contact me now to get started on this journey to a life of greater connection.

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Individual Counseling

There’s a lot that you’re holding onto.

You’ve pushed yourself to meet the goals you thought would make you happy in life.

Even still, you feel like you’re missing something. You don’t feel the way you thought you would when achieving these goals.

The more you do, the farther away you seem to get from the feeling you’re chasing.

You want to live an authentic life.

But it feels like there are so many competing voices in your head that you’re unsure which one to listen to.

Which voices are your anxieties and the internalized expectations of the world around you?

Which voice is the true you and will lead you to living in alignment with your values?

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Couples Counseling

You’re feeling isolated in your relationship.

Every day, you seem to grow further away from your partner.

Despite your best efforts, you just can’t stop disappointing each other.

Every time you try to talk about how you’re feeling, it just doesn’t seem to get through to your partner.

If only you could break this cycle.

You still love each other, and neither of you is ready to give up on this relationship.

But you can’t go on feeling unseen, unheard, and misunderstood.

There must be some way to reconnect.

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Organizational Consulting

Your team is struggling.

People are quitting, falling behind on their work, and seem less and less invested in their jobs.

Communication has broken down, and employees are feeling increasingly isolated and unsupported.

Now, there are increased delays, and service is suffering. Numbers are going in the wrong direction.

The workplace culture is compromised.

You’re looking for change that is going to make a tangible difference on how people feel at work and what they are able to produce.

It’s possible to change the culture and drive engagement and innovation.

Together, we can repair the disconnection and tap into your team’s full potential.

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Healing starts with connection.

Gain deeper understanding and connection with yourself and others.

Let’s take the next step together

Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

– Brené Brown