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2265726729You believe in your organization’s potential…

And you have a clear mission and vision for where it’s supposed to go. But there’s a disconnect, and things aren’t running as smoothly as they should.

Employees are burning out and disengaged.

There’s conflict among the ranks.

And it’s not just a couple of “bad apples.”

Something bigger is tearing into your organization, and it’s starting to seep into your deliverables.

It’s the “people work” that feels hard.

You develop solutions and create policies that facilitate smoother business practices…

But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Something about the workplace culture is compromised…

And you’re not sure you have the skill or expertise to connect employees in service of the greater organizational purpose.

1181562Your workplace culture needs renovation.

Things would be different if the culture were transformed into a place of connection. If individuals and teams felt more connected with each other and the organization’s mission, it would lead to greater sustainability and innovation.

I embed the “people work” into your organization’s foundation.

I utilize tools learned and practiced as a mental health expert and weave them into your organizational structure, so it can sustain its ultimate mission.

We’ll start with a conversation about the problems you see with your workplace’s culture. This could be several things, including interpersonal conflict, underdeveloped leadership, or employee disconnection.

I’ll also talk with various players in the organization to further assess your organizational culture, forming a holistic view of its most pervasive challenges.

From there, I customize my approach and tailor offerings to best meet your needs.

Interventions often include a combination of workshops and trainings, policy implementation, and leadership coaching sessions.

What I Offer


Cultivating Connection Trainings

Conflict Management

Leadership Coaching

Who I’ve worked with:

University of Washington

Bothell 2

Big Brothers
Big Sisters


Asian Pacific Cultural
Center (APCC)

Uep B48o


Programa Velasco

Nurture the connective tissue within your workplace!

Reach out to me for a free consultation, and we’ll formulate a customized consulting strategy together.