358246Opening up isn’t easy…

Even when you want to be fully seen and connected to others, you tread cautiously.

You want to think and act differently, but these patterns feel ingrained and hard to change, even as you recognize they’re happening.

You need professional support, but…

What if your therapist doesn’t get it?

You’ve heard of other people who have benefited from therapy, but you’re not sure if you’ll have the same experience.

It just hasn’t worked for you in the past. You had to do too much explaining about your cultural background and the racial context of your life.

Many struggle to be vulnerable and open about their experiences with professionals who don’t look like them.

It’s uncomfortable taking the risk if there’s a chance you won’t be fully seen or supported.

794811496I will take the time to see you.

To understand where you are and want to go, we must understand where you came from. Your identity as a person of color is a big part of that context, and we will acknowledge and give power to that in our sessions together.

Your racial and cultural identities play a pivotal role in your mental health.

They shape your past experiences (how you were raised, how safe you felt in your environment, how well you fit in with others, what values were instilled in you, etc.).

All of these factors impact how connected you feel in your present-day life.

Getting curious about YOU.

Together, we’ll explore how your identity has shaped how you think, feel, and connect to yourself and others.

We’ll bring topics like race, ethnicity, and nationality into the therapy space, as they are crucial to understanding your identity, struggles, and resilience.

We’ll also examine how the various components of your identity intersect to inform your past hurts and present-day anxieties.

Belonging starts here.

Understanding your identity as a person of color and how it has shaped your mental health will cast a more compassionate light on your story…

And it will give you greater resilience for what lies ahead.

Let’s foster a deeper connection to yourself and others.

It would be my honor to hold this space for you. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.