Couples Counseling


The same issues keep coming up.

And even though you “make up” after the arguments, they keep coming back. The topic might be different, but the undercurrents are familiar.

It’s the same pattern of fighting… and the same feelings that get stirred up. Disappointment, confusion, and loneliness are working themselves into the bedrock of your relationship.

And feeling misunderstood and isolated is becoming the norm.

You’re ready to step into a new dynamic.

You’re tired of this cycle and want to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

If you and your partner are committed to making this relationship work, you’ve come to the right place.

I will support you as you learn the communication and conflict-resolution skills you need to co-create a healthy, sustainable partnership.

As a couples therapist, I serve as an interpreter for your relationship, working to understand each person’s needs and feelings.

The goal is for both parties to know what they want and need out of the relationship – and how to satisfy that for their partner.

588261344Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll spend some time examining your relationship dynamics, including all the patterns you find yourself trapped in.

Next, I’ll guide each partner into a better understanding of themselves and each other. You’ll be asked to see the same topics and arguments from a different perspective. This wider viewpoint will unlock different feelings, needs, and questions for yourself and your partner, offering a new way of relating to each other.

With this relational context, you and your partner will develop knowledge, communication skills, and attunement practices for strengthening your bond.

As your relationship’s foundation strengthens, you will feel more connected and equipped to navigate ongoing challenges in the relationship.

Unlock a new path forward.

You’re here because you know it’s time to act.

Let me help bridge the disconnect between you and your partner.

You and your relationship deserve it! Contact me today for a free consultation.